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Our Services:

Community Association Management (CAM) Pre-licensure Classes (State Approved) for Boards or Managers:

Customized Management Services: 

Property Management:

  • Manage personnel and vendors necessary to keep the Association running smoothly and your asset protected.
  • Maintain and repair Association property as outlined in the Association bylaws.
  • Manage and negotiate all new and existing vendor contracts for economies of scale and potential cost savings.

Customer Service:

  • Open communication with Board Members and owners.
  • Weekly onsite inspections and onsite availability to personally address owner needs and issues.
  • Annual survey to measure our effectiveness.
  • Assist in maintaining insurance policies, addressing all claims and facilitating repairs.

Financial Management and Reporting:

  • Handle all aspects of the financial operations of the association, including monthly financial reporting, annual budget creation and capital expenditures as required by the Association’s bylaws.
  • Coordinate with Association’s CPA to prepare tax returns and perform audits, if necessary.
  • Delinquency follow-up and coordination with Association’s legal counsel.
  • Assist in analyzing long-term reserve needs and make recommendations.

Federal and State Law Compliance:

  • Act as a resource for the laws that govern and affect associations.
  • Monitor association’s compliance with all state and county laws.

Association Meeting Facilitation:

  • Facilitate annual Membership Meeting and attend quarterly Board Meetings.
  • Assist Board with the enforcement of all rules and regulations consistent with the Association’s bylaws.

Capital Improvements:

  • Coordinate development of specifications for all necessary and approved capital improvements engaging professional consultants.
  • Supervise construction and permitting process.

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